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    What Forms of Worship Has God Instituted

    What Forms of Worship Has God Instituted?

    by Mario Saldana, Evangelist

    Last week we looked at the word “church,” and learned it was not a building, but an assembly of baptized believers. But what do the assembled body of believers do in the worship assembly. As we uncover what is to be done in the worship assembly, it may be beneficial to look at the forms of worship God has instituted with His people.

    From Scripture we know there were three forms, these forms correspond to the age in which the people live or lived. The first form of worship to God we call the “Patriarchal Law.” The word Patriarch may be new to some of you, so let’s find out what the word means. It comes from the Greek word patriarches, it is a compound word, consisting of the words pater, which means “father,” and the word arches, which means “head,” or “founder.” A patriarch is “the head of a father’s house—the founder or ruler of a tribe, family, or clan” (Nelson’s, 1986). The “father” would function basically as the “priest” of the family. Although we use this word, it is not found in Old Testament Scripture, it has just been assigned to those who lived from Adam to Moses, and would include both Noah and Abraham. While we cannot find the word, we can find its example and practice. Job was a patriarch, and we can read in Job 1:5, that Job was offering sacrifices for his children just as a priest would do. This Law would eventually end, but when it would end depended on what ethnicity you belonged to. For the Gentiles, which is made up of all the nations except the Israelites, this law would last from Adam to the Christian age. For the Jews, the Patriarchal Law would end for them when they entered into a Covenant with God on Mt. Sinai through Moses (Ex. 24:3-7), thus, this law is called the Mosaic Law.

    This “Covenant,” or “Mosaic Law” would last from Moses to the Christian age. Therefore, both forms of worship, Patriarchal, and Mosaic, would end at the Christian age. Whether we practice Christianity or not does not matter, all of us today live in the Christian age, and live under the Law of Christ. As we continue to look to the Scriptures to find out what God has commanded in His worship assembly in the Christian age, we will look now and then to the Mosaic Law, and what God commanded the Jews in the practice of His worship under the Mosaic Law. Please join us next week as we continue to uncover, “What is worship?” 

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