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    What is Worship?

    What is Church?

    by Mario Saldana, Evangelist

    If one was to take a survey of what it means to worship God, I am sure that one would receive many differing answers. This is because man believes he knows what it means to worship God, but also, when, where, and how. But God, from the beginning always stated how He wants His people to worship Him, it was never left for man to decide. So, what is it to worship God? The number one answer to this question is, to go to “church.” If so, what is church?

    If we look in our present-day Bibles, we find the word “church” used 112 times in 109 verses within the New Testament. If we look to the Greek manuscripts, the original language of the Bible, we find the word εκκλησία, pronounced ekklesia, and its definition is, “an assembly.” So, it was never a building, as some believe, but an assembly of people. But who are these people that make up the assembly? In the book of first Thessalonians, Paul writes, “to the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (I Thess. 1:1). This verse gives us a little more, it was those in God the Father and Jesus Christ. In other words, it was an assembly of those who were obedient to God.

    Now that we know it is an assembly of His people, what is it that His people do in the assembly? Well that is exactly what we will spend the coming weeks exploring. We will look to see if it is even necessary to assemble, and if so, what must His people do in the assembly, and how must they do it. I hope you will join us in the coming weeks, as we look to the Scriptures to find out, what is worship?

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